Redevelopment of Industrial Area

by Francesco Adobati


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The Leadenhall Building (long section) Richard Rogers
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.exploded axonometric of concept with details
[3-D rhino model + wireframe + vray render + photoshop + illustrator + love]

/rezaNiK / 2013


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Vertical Restructuring: High-rise tower rehabilitation (Holcim Awards for Europe - Next Generation 5th prize)   - Grégoire Arthuis

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Kolding Campus by Henning Larsen Architects

The solar shading system comprises 1,600 triangular perforated steel shutters which, when shut, lie flat against the façade.

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Barge Bouza Arquitectos - Mandaean Ethnographic Center, Curtis 2013. Scans via, photos (C) Héctor Santos-Díez.


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China Pavilion - Expo Milano 2015  |  Studio Link-Arc in conjunction with Tsinghua University

- Rejecting the typical notion of a pavilion as an object in a plaza, the China Pavilion for the 2015 Milan Expo (designed by the New York-based design firm Studio Link-Arc in conjunction with Tsinghua University) is instead conceived as a field of spaces. Designed as a cloud hovering over a “field of hope”, the pavilion is experienced as a sheltered public plaza beneath a floating roof that incorporates the building’s cultural and exhibition programs. The roof’s distinctive profile creates an iconic image for the project and will foster a unique presence within the Expo grounds.

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