Beautiful letterpress business card designed by Sanfrancisco Estudio, from Uruguay.

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The Bio Intelligent Quotient (B.I.Q.) Building is the First Fully Algae-Powered Architecture

Operating successfully for over a year, the Bio Intelligent Quotient (B.I.Q.) building in Hamburg, Germany is the first to be fully powered by algae. The building is covered with 0.78-inch thick panels—200 square meters in total—filled with algae from the Elbe River and pumped full of carbon dioxide and nutrients. The panels, which display the bright green algae, are not only aesthetic, but performative. When sunlight hits the “bioreactor” panels, photosynthesis causes the microorganisms to multiply and give off heat. The warmth is then captured for heating water or storing in saline tanks underground, while algae biomass is harvested and dried. It can either be converted to biogas, or used in secondary pharmaceutical and food products. Residents have no heating bills and the building currently reduces overall energy needs by 50%. 

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British architect Guy Hollaway used rusty steel mesh, silvery larch and grey cement fibreboard to clad this house on Dungeness beach »
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Popular Cable Car Station & Civic Center | Architectureyes
Location: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil  |  Video

- The transportation system is an excellent demonstration of how the built environment can influence our daily lives. In the context of the extensive Brazilian “favelas”, where a large amount of population is isolated in the bowels of the city, it is necessary the presence of strong cores of urbanity and connectivity.

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THE NON PROGRAM PAVILION, Jesús Torres Architect

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