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Hinge House in Toronto, Ontario - Williamson Chong

Hinge House is defined by a 65’ long opaque library wall that serves as a sectional “hinge” by which the public and private programmatic elements of the house are connected. The library wall and primary circulation route into the house follow the slope of the landscape descending towards the ravine. The resulting scissor-like section presents a compact front façade that trifurcates into distinct volumes and windows on the back-side of the house facing the ravine.

The dining room and kitchen are located on the lowest levels while the living room is perched on top. In between these volumes are the interstitial areas constituting the library, study, studio, guest bedrooms and master bedroom. A conversation nook sits below the atrium surrounded by centrifugal stairs with a skylight above.

The house is located on a prominent corner site overlooking a ravine in downtown Toronto. Given the predominance of vehicular traffic and incumbent noise of the site, the house presents a protective, introverted face to the street and an open, extroverted face to the ravine.

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Vertical Restructuring: High-rise tower rehabilitation (Holcim Awards for Europe - Next Generation 5th prize)   - Grégoire Arthuis

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Kolding Campus by Henning Larsen Architects

The solar shading system comprises 1,600 triangular perforated steel shutters which, when shut, lie flat against the façade.

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Architectural drawing at the Glasgow School of Art degree show
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Mecanoo — Student Housing DUWO - Europaconcorsi
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Redevelopment of Industrial Area

by Francesco Adobati


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The Leadenhall Building (long section) Richard Rogers
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